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Welcome to HayalKarga! Here we offer a variety of web designs and webmaster resources to maxiimize your site's potential. We have plenty to offer, so feel free to look around all you like!

DX Design. Tutorials! Avatar. More....

I think I could write a book just over this update... Anyways...

1 new DX-Design available, it's a Naruto design. 1 new avatar, also Naruto.

Tutorials! well, there's only one in there right now, but even that took me almost two hours because I tried to make it as easy to understand as possible.

Alright, we are saying goodbye to two things now, but not for good: Forum and wordpress themes.

The forum was XMB, but due to recent changes in the software we will not long be using it. However, I am currently helping manage grphics for an upcoming forum software; it's gonna be awesome. I just can't tell you more about it though, sorry.

And, wordpress themes will be available again when ImaThemes is properly initialized.

Donation: You may have noticed the new "PayPal Donate" button in the navigation sections... well, don't feel obligated, but I would really appreciate any help. I currently have to work a lot, which keeps me way from making designs, and the more help I get with server costs: the more I can contribute to providing designs. Thank you in advance.

Also, as always; been changing the coding like crazy. Load times should be getting shorter and shorter.

I've also added my own personal page: cloudkun.hayalkarga.com; just in case you want to know more about me ;p

I think that's it... but it was alot x_X... Enjoy!

add: forgot to mention the new tagboard :P

another add: We have a new link exchange partner, Astral-Lines.net. The webmistress, Amanda, was ever so kind as to make a couple of link-in buttons for HK. thank you ;)

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DX Design. Avatar. New Site. *DXD Fixed.

Added one new DX-Design. Also added one new Avatar.

I am currently working like crazy on the site's coding; which I know you can't notice, but efficiency and load times continue to improve each day, which makes me happy.

Alright, I am busy graduating, so sorry for not having any tutorials for you. I have been busy writing my salutatorian speech(that means I am 2nd rank in my class). Just lots of work, anyways...

Soon the WordPress themes will be taken down, but not for good. I just bought a new domain today: ImaThemes. There, I will release many different themes for 3rd party programs, and I will make registration available so you can submit your themes as well.

That won't be ready for a while though. Oh, I'm also working on a tagboard, that should be up by the next update... I think that's it, have a nice day!

* * *Thank you Megumi for your comment on DXD-01: Lost Direction. I have fixed the download file, thank you for letting me know about the error.

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New Theme, More Coming

Basically, I am currently still implementing the new theme. I am working with some new, more efficient, coding methods. As well, due to this theme, finals at school, mothers day events, habitat for humanity volunteering, and the list goes on....

Basically I have been busy, and have gotten almost nothing productive, other than the new theme, complete. Sorry guys, but since this is my last week of High School, I should have more time to work on things hopefully. Stay tuned in!

And be sure to comment about the theme if you like!

Posted By Cloud9247 on May 11, 2008 · RSS ·

DX/CX Designs. WP Theme. Avatar. More...

Wow, I think I got alot done, but I'm not really sure. There's one new DX Design, I added it a few days ago actually, but I am just now updating you about it. I once again, added only one avatar; yes, I am lazy, or busy, lol. One new Wordpress theme, and a new design style: CimplX Designs.

Firstly, I want to let you guys no I will not be converting any of the current DX Designs to WP themes. It's just too much of a hastle to go back and convert them, when there are other things that should be done. However, if you would like to request one of the DX Designs to be converted, or would like to convert one yourself and release it; feel free to do so and post on the forum.

Now for the new design genre. CimplX Designs, being coined as "CX Designs", are designs made completely without images. or if images are used, they will be kept to a minimum. In fact, the first CX Design, "Seafoam", is only 2.47 KB! That means even a dial-up connection malfunctioning will load the entire page under 2 seconds! I add the "!" because I am excited about it, and I think it's neat.

More to come: Well, currently I intend to add web icons, textures, brushes, and tutorials.

I was given a request to make a tutorial on making DX Designs. I am currently in the middle of writing that tutorial, and coding tutorials into the site.

I've been working like crazy, so much to update about! I also changed the link styles on the site, to cut down on .htaccess usage(which can crash your server and open exploits if you use it carelessly). So now the site is safer. I want to add a tagboard, which I may do fairly soon. If there's anything I missed, just let me know. Thanks for visiting!

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