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Welcome to HayalKarga! Here we offer a variety of web designs and webmaster resources to maxiimize your site's potential. We have plenty to offer, so feel free to look around all you like!

DX-Design. Avatar. Links Out. Conversion.

First things first, there is a new DX-Design available for download. There is also one, I know, only one, new avatar. A new link out section, with only two 88x31 mini-banners. And all DX-Designs have been altered to meet XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2.1 web standards

I was planning on having a new WP theme for this update for you guys, but.... Well, I converted DXD02 - "Memory's Pathway" into a WP theme, but I realized some designs just shouldn't be turned into WP themes.... So I will convert DXD03, 04, and 05 some other time and make them available to you.

Not much else, except still cleaning up the site coding all over, and soon will be adding comments for updates and designs.

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New Theme. WP Theme. Conversion.

Not any new updates atm, except the fact there is a new theme on HayalKarga. I intent to incorperate the new theme fully into the network within the next two day.

I converted DX-Design 01 into a wordpress theme, and also editted the design itself to comply with XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2.1 appropriately. Although I haven''t set them up for download yet(sorry guys). All of these things should be available within a couple of days, as well as other WP themes and conversions.

Other than that, just ignore any design flaws and odd pages/links for the next couple of days, but you might even like laughing at them. lol. Anyways, cya guys later ;)

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DX Design. Avatars. Gallery. New Hostees.

For starters, there is a new DX Design available. An although not many, I have added two new avatars I made. Needless to say, all the updates are based off Vampire Knight. I have recently become in love with the series!

Aside from that, HayalKrga officially now has a Gallery.hayalkarga.com">Gallery! The gllery is a mix of screenshots I take and clean on Photoshop, and mnga scans. Right now there isn't much in the Gallery, but periodically it will grow.

New hostees! HayalKarga has 3 new hostees. Links to their sites are available at hosting.hayalkarga.com. Please be sure to welcome them.

Soon to come in the future are Network Designs... okay, now you're like "what's that?". Well, t first our network designs will be the same as the DX-Designs we already have available, except they will have forum themes and blog themes to go with them. Yup.

I currently have to clean up the current DX-Designs, but once I do all releases on HK will have forum theme snd blog themes to go along with the design, so you can build an entire network off our designs. Also, these designs will ll be XHTML and CSS valid.

Alright, that about sums it up. Enjoy!

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New Design. Avatars. Forum Themes. More Soon.

Alright, there is one new design available. As well, HK has added a "100x100 Icons" section, aka Avatars. There aren't very many in there right now, but there will be more as time goes by.

Currently working on all network sites, which is quite stressful, but it must be done. All associated networks should be done within a week.

I have made a couple of forum themes for download, I just haven't made them available for download yet, sorry guys. Everything will be up soon, just stay tuned in!

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