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Welcome to HayalKarga! Here we offer a variety of web designs and webmaster resources to maxiimize your site's potential. We have plenty to offer, so feel free to look around all you like!

DX-Design. Avatars. Theme Change. New Affiliate!

Alright, as promised here are the updates for September! I have added a new DX-Design from the series Hakuouki, titled "True Rivals". If you've seen the series you will understand the title. You may also notice the design is a bit more flashy than usual, just thought I'm gonna try a few changes in the DX-Designs every now and then to keep you guys interested.

I also added 4 avatars. Not too big of a deal, but it's been too long since I've actually taken the time to make some.

Also been working on the site theme, in case you haven't noticed, or if this is your first visit. I was going to completely change it, but I'm not ready to let go of IceFlowers 3.0 quite yet... You may notice some small changes, as I fix things up throughout the month.

And last, but most certainly not least, HayalKarga has a new affiliate! Please welcome Amanda, aka Shattered Dark, from Astral-Lines! Amanda has been a good friend of mine for a while, and so I hope for her to have a warm welcoming to the family! WELCOME! She has some amazing designs, so you should check out her site!

Alright, other than that... well, not much other than that. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to use the Contact Form. And until next month, have a great time and enjoy the updates!

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CimplX Design. Updating Scripts. 21st Birthday.

Well, today marks my 21 years of life in this world. Yup, I'm 21, and giving you a present! Haha, just joking. But I really am 21, and very excited about it! Don't worry, it won't get to my head, or this designing hobby I love so dearly.

As a small gift to those of you out there who enjoy my CimplX Designs, I have brought August's Update a few days early!

Also, as a small note on the design, I have added notes in the CSS coding to make the design Fluid, instead of fixed. You can preview the fluid version as well. A link is in the preview.

If you're wanting a DX-Design, no worries. I've got a nice DX-Design on line-up for September's update.

You may have noticed some links are gone, such as "Hosting" and "Personal Blog"... I have temporarily removed these, so I can focus on the core of the site and improve the functionality and scripting of the site. These pages, assuming you even care, will be back in the future. So, until then, if you have any questions about hosting, or my personal life(lol), feel free to use the Contact Form, or add me on FaceBook: Thomas Pienkos, Oklahoma... I'll be the only one in the state, lol.

Not too much going on other than that, just working on bits and pieces here and there for the site, and future design updates.

And, as always, thank you for your patience with this very long update. And until the next update, I wish you all a very merry few weeks! ;)

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DX-Design. One More On Line-Up.

Alright, well I finally got the most recent DX-Design I've made uploaded! woot woot! In case you've been wondering what's taken so long, it's been due to not being able to install photoshop on my new laptop for some reason. Long story short though, I'm back, and up and running at 100%!

As a small note, I am fully intending to keeping to at least one new design per month. So as to adhere to this schedule, I have already completed another design for next month's update.

Got my new apartment last week. No more struggles with time, or other influences. Expect many updates to come, and soon!

Thanks for tuning in! Till next update, have a good time! :)

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It's Been Forever! I'm Not Lost At Sea!

Alright, I know the past year I have been on-and-off as far as the designs and site updates go. I'm sorry, and if you're reading this then that means you are a true fan and I love you!

In case you're wondering, I can assure you I have not just been sitting around on my butt this whole time. For the past 9 months, I have been attending 2 full-time colleges, and working 2 part-time jobs... I know, it sounds almost impossible... Turns out it is, lol.

I have transferred schools, and I've got a better paying job with fewer hours. This means I am down to 1 full-time school, and 1 part-time job. This means HayalKarga will be getting the much needed attention I have been wanting to devote to it for the past year.

I've already got 1 new DX-Design on line-up for the next update. I'm also going to finally finish AnimeShotz. I am either going to fix the current site theme on IE, or make an entirely new one. I will also add some new Avatars, HK's definitely due for some, lol. As well as a new tutorial.

Man, I am so sorry guys. Please stay tuned in though, because my new goal is at least 1 new DX-Design a month.

Once again, sorry, and I hope to hear from you! All comments are greatly appreciated! (except spam).

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