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Welcome to HayalKarga! Here we offer a variety of web designs and webmaster resources to maxiimize your site's potential. We have plenty to offer, so feel free to look around all you like!

DX-Design, One More On Line-Up

So, like everyone else, I have been held back by the general stresses and workloads that are associated with the ending of summer, and transition to the fall. Basically, I've been busy with both schools, my job, and my life, sorry guys.

However, don't fret! I have finished uploading a new DX-Design available to you guys, which was once a HK Theme, now available to you guys. Also, I have another design up for the line-up that I have 80% finished(Just gotta finish the flash part) So just keep your heads up and I will have the new release out in no time!

And as a last note, if you're looking for hosting please send your application through the contact form until further notice. I will make an update when the hosting section is complete.

Thanks for your patience, and until next update, may you all have happy holidays!!!

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New Design. Integrating.

Alright, just a small bit of info. I am (obviously) implementing the new design for HayalKarga. It shouldn't take me too long to get everything put together properly, so it'll just be funky for a bit.

This is the first thing I am planning to complete on my to-do list, lol.

Your comments are greatly appreciated.

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Stab myself in the eye!

So I thought this would be the appropriate time to post this kind of blurp.

I am still working on the big surprise feature for you guys, but school and work is kicking my butt. Phew. Anyways, I am currently still working on adding the features, but first, I am *attempting* to make the site scripts more simple and easy to edit for the changes.

Sorry it's been so long guys. Also, I haven't made any designs with my new computer; maybe I am just too scared to use it for designing. *sweats nervously*.

Anyways, I am getting a lot better with time management, since I have to, considering I have two full time colleges, one part-time job, and surprisingly, a life...

Updates I expect to implement within the next month include, but are not limited to: The *Suprise*, at least 1 DX-Design, at least 1 CimplX Design, a Premium Designs section, a new site theme, simpler site display and coding, a personal blog, better integration with the Gallery, a few avatars, and maybe something else along the way.

I appreciate all of you that are constantly checking in for updates, and I thank you dearly. Please forgive me for this, I am doing my best.

Till next update: have lots of fun, and hope to see ya soon. ;)

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DX-Design. New Surprises. Link Exchanges.

Yay! A new DX-Design! This one features a neighborhood moth I saw at night; it was glowing a beautiful bright green, I just had to make a design of it! lol.

I was actually going to make it the new site theme when I started, but as I moved along I decided it would be better suited as a DX-Design. I am pleased withg it, and I hope you guys are as well.

I do have a new surprise I am working on for you guys, and I think it's very nice and original; at least for a free design site. I'm not going to give it away, but I am excited to make it available. I know... The suspense is killing you, sorry :x.

I also intend to have either a new theme pretty soon though, or alter the current one to look better in some areas, and add some pages. I have decided "Ice Flowers" will be HayalKarga's official "symbol", and maybe crows since "Karga" means "Crow" in turkish.

On with other news: We have a bundle of new link exchanges at HayalKarga, and I would like them to feel very welcome. So Welcome! :D

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      · FlyAngel

Thank you. And until the next update, have fun, and comments are always appreciated ;)

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