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Welcome to HayalKarga! Here we offer a variety of web designs and webmaster resources to maxiimize your site's potential. We have plenty to offer, so feel free to look around all you like!

DX-Design. Design Process In Action. More On The Way.

Well, it finally happened. I added a new DX-Design, w00t. Well, kinda new. It's actually "Lost Direction", my infamously first DX-Design featuring Bleach. It's different though this time; I've made the file size slightly smaller, changed the design almost completely, and made the design xhtml/css valid.

Due to the recent design thefts not too long ago, which did include some of my designs, I am going to be adding new disclaimers to all of my old designs. Apparently, a disclaimer does a lot for an artists' protection of stolen creations(I know, I should have known.).

Anyways, long story short: All designs will have disclaimers added, edited to be xhtml/css valid, and I might completely alter some of the older ones to make them, in my opinion, better. Either way, the old versions will also still be available for download with valid code and new disclaimers.

I am in the process of making more designs for the site, so be sure to stay tuned in for future updates. ;)

Anyhoo, till then, have a great time, and leave comments if you have any :D

Posted By Cloud9247 on July 26, 2009 · RSS ·

OMG, Finally!

Sorry guys, I haven't made any updates lately because I haven't had internet for almost 2 months now. Which, believe it or not, affects a lot of work you do when it comes to online stuff.

I'm still without internet, but I am supposed to get internet hooked up in about 5 days, which is exciting. I can't wait, because I haven't had internet since I moved to my new place.

Anyways, I am posting this just to make sure you guys haven't given up on me; cuz lots of new updates are in store! Including, but not limited to: new site design, new content and services, new tutorials, new DX-Designs, and 00ber more! All of your comments are appreciated, and if you wanna help out that'd be great to! just use the contact form or comment this post :D.

Thank you, have a great week!

New Link Exchange: Reminiscent Designs

Posted By Cloud9247 on July 10, 2009 · RSS ·

DX-Design. Network Merge. Future Content.

Alright, just a quick little update here. I have a new DX-Design for you guys to enjoy. I tried a new style for it, as far as content and image coordination and positioning. I hope you enjoy it.

Another small update is that HayalKarga is soon going to merge networks with OtakuScion.com. There are still going to be plenty of DX-Design releases. We are simply merging to help address a general area of online viewers, looking to improve web skill and development. So when the merge is complete, I hope you guys stick around and give us your comments.

And one last note: future content. I am currently writing articles for DayDreamGraphics(DDG). Every article I publish there will be available and posted on HK as well, so you can read from either site.

That's all there is to it. Enjoy the new DX-Design, and until next update, have fun!

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CimplX Design. Spring Break Is Over...

Well I hope you all had an amazing spring break, assuming you've celebrated it, or even get one at all. Mine was nice, but tiring... I partied every day... I had lots of fun, but I had no idea it would be so tiring :s.

Luckily I lined up a couple of designs before I went on my little vacation, so I added one new cimplx design for you guys! :) I have one more DX-Design made for you, and should be available next week for download.

Today I also took my CNA exam, and passed *yay*. So I am going to apply at a couple of hospitals and nursing homes for a job tomorrow, on top of other errands. (wish me luck). And in August I am going to start my LPN classes, and hopefully in less than a year I will be a fully licensed nurse :).

Summer should be fine as far as designing goes, but when I start LPN classes.... it's gonna be hectic giving you guys releases :s, sorry. No worries till then though, I'm still here!

Till next update, enjoy! :)

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