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Welcome to HayalKarga! Here we offer a variety of web designs and webmaster resources to maxiimize your site's potential. We have plenty to offer, so feel free to look around all you like!

DX-Design. Even More To Come!

As I promised, I had a DX-Design lined up for you guys already. I hope you like it. It's a FireFox DX-Design. Not really too much to be said about it, so you can just check it out for yourself :).

Last week I had one design lined up for you, but right now I have 2 designs lined up for you guys. I am going to release one per week or so. So no worries, just stay tuned in.

I know most of you don't keep up with AnimeShotz, but if you do, I'll let you know you should check out the new site design. All comments are appreciated, although I am still implementing it.

Other than more designs, please be sure to look forward for a few more avatars, even though I'm not very talented with avatars. As well as a new DX-Design Tutorial may be available soon, which will cover implementing XML Links.

I also will be removing the shoutbox, since no one uses it really. And I will be adding a Forum, as well as a PHPBB skin section(possibly). your feedback would be appreciated on that decision.

Thank you for your time, and until next update, enjoy! ;)

Posted By Cloud9247 on March 09, 2009 · RSS ·

Dx-Design. 3 Avatars. More For Next Week ;)

At long last, a new Dx-Design! Well, I actually finished 2 for you guys, but you're gonna have to wait till next week before the next one is available for download... I know, I'm evil *evil grin* XD

The new DX-Design is actually a public DXD of the first network design, titled "Gray Illusion". It's been so long I'm sure no one remembers it, and once you see it you will probably get a flush of memories.. It also has 4 banners in it, so you can switch your site up a lot, but if you only want one that's kewl too.

Also added 3 new avatars, no biggie though.

And as for other sites, I finally fixed AnimeShotz up so the site works in ALL BROWSERS, w00t! Also, added some images, and plan to add more. So be sure to check it out, or add screenies of your own, they're all appreciated :)

Well that's all for this week kiddies, be sure to stay tuned for the next DX-Design I have lined up for you guys ;)

Posted By Cloud9247 on March 01, 2009 · RSS ·

Long Time No See, Site Fixed

Hey guys, sorry for the site looking like an odd lump for a while, I shut down the network site: ethelex. Ethelex has all the style settings for the network, so I had to re-arrange things, so now HayalKarga and animeshotz are okay-ish.

Which brings me to the next part on this agenda of updates-ish. I have been away due to severe overload of work, sorry guys, I attend two schools for a total of 32 hours a week, plus work :(. Despite the delays though, I will attempt to get back on the sattle ;)

As it stands, I am going to continue HayalKarga and animtshotz, and close down imathemes, unless someone wants to take over that site as an admin, which is an open position. And help with getting screenies for AnimeShotz would make me happy as well, but I'm good either way :)

That's all I have to say really, so thanks for your support and love!

Oh, and happy late new years!

*Comment system Fixed
*Fake Wings now = Aqua Cure ;)

Posted By Cloud9247 on January 30, 2009 · RSS ·

DX-Design. Slowing Progressing Back

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates since September. I've been in college, lots of fun, and just busy like a beaver! Anyways, I'm slowly making time for things again, and want to let you all know I'm not dead!

So I've added one new DX-Design; it's not the best design, or rather, just not my favorite, but it's still good enough for me to update with ;).

Anyways, that's all there is to it right now. Stick around, and enjoy future updates! :D

Posted By Cloud9247 on November 20, 2008 · RSS ·

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