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Welcome to HayalKarga! Here we offer a variety of web designs and webmaster resources to maxiimize your site's potential. We have plenty to offer, so feel free to look around all you like!

Been Offline, Coming Back

This is a small little update. Anyways, I've been away for about a month now due to issues with internet, as well as college. I just would like to report I am back online, and I will have some new DX-Design for you guys pretty soon. I am going to try and get back in the habit of designing, amongst other things.

I'm still always looking for help maintaining the site(s), so if you feel you could help please contact me via the contact us form, and I would appreciate it alot.

Thank you for tuning in, and I hope you visit soon to see the new additions.

Posted By Cloud9247 on August 26, 2008 · RSS ·

DX-Design and I am 19!

Sorry for the lack of stuff, I worked a 42 hour work week this week, amongst other things going on. Regardless, I still managed to bring you guys one new DX-Design.

I got some new link exchanges too, I am totally going to add those today, I promise.

Other than that, all that is new is that it's my birthday today *yay*. I am 19, and very excited. I don't really have any plans, but the day I start college draws ever-closer and I have never been more excited in my entire life!

I guess that about sums up the updates. So until next update, have a great time and thank you for stopping by!

Posted By Cloud9247 on July 29, 2008 · RSS ·

DX-Design. New Themes.

Alrightie, added one new DX-Design. It's a Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion design. I love how it turned out, yippers :D

I set a new personal record... I've made like 5 designs in the past 2 days... a record for me. They are all site themes though, not really for release. I made a new theme for imathemes, animeshotz, and my portfolio. I just gotta take the time to implement them...

Other than that, nothing out-of-the-ordinry has gone on since the last update.

Thanks for tuning in, so till next update; have fun ;)

Posted By Cloud9247 on July 21, 2008 · RSS ·

Dx Design. Avatars. Network Progress.

Alright, starting things off. I made you guy a brand new Naruto DX-Design. And no worries for those of you scared to put up a shonen-ai naruto design, this one is straight from the TV series. Well, I guess it's technically "Naruto Shippuuden"... but, oh well.

Also added 3 new avatars from the Naruto Shippuuden series. 2 feature that ever so cute Naruto, and one with Kakashi.

I am fairly excited for the next time I design, because I finally got my lazy butt to make new brushes and textures to work with.

Now on to our "Network Progress". Currently there haven't been any submissions to imathemes, so nothing new there; but it will have a new design soon.

AniomeShotz is finished! Well, there are a few user control scripts that I need to finish up, but the general functionality of the site is up, so be sure to check it out! We could especially use you is you like taking screenshots XD

Well, that about wraps it up I think? Oh well, this isn't major, but pretty soon I am oing to make a japanese and turkish version of the site... in case there are any web design seekers out there that don't speak english, but know japanese or turkish.

Alright, now THAT wraps it up. So till next update, enjoy ;)

Posted By Cloud9247 on July 15, 2008 · RSS ·

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