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Learn to make a basic dynamic xml design. This tutorial simply covers how to imprint a dynamic site name from a xml file.

Basic DXD Banner

1. Firstly, make your banner in photoshop(or whatever program). Select the text style you want, and put it in the banner.

2. Once you know how you want your text, hide the layer with text in it. and save your banner.

3. Open Flash

4. In Flash, make a new document with File -> New

5. Choose "Flash Document"

6. Find out the resolutions of your banner

7. Modify your flash document through Modify -> Document

8. Make your document the same resolutions as your banner

9. Import your banner through File -> Import -> Import To Stage

10. Set your banner's position to X: 0.0 , Y: 0.0

11. Insert a new layer

12. Click the new layer, and click the Text Tool

13. Style and position your text the way you want it

14. Now, erse the actualy text. There should only be a blue outline left now.

15. Under Properties, highlite and select Dynamic Text

16. Under Properties Click Embed and Highlite upppercse, lowercase, numerals, and punctuations, and click ok. This will allow people to see text not instlled on their computers.

17. Under Properties name your text website

18. Click the layer containing your text

19. Open the action tab

20. copy & paste this code into the box under the action tab

21. Export your banner through File -> Export -> Export Movie

22. Your settings do not have to, but should be somewht similar to this. Press ok

23. Open your index.html with notepad

24. Copy & Paste this code where your banner should go in your design. Change the height and width to match your banner's resolutions. You banner should be in the same folder as your index.html

25. save index.html

26. Make a new folder, call it xml

27. In your xml folder, copy and paste this code, and save it as website.xml

28. open index.html in your favorite browser

29. And gawk at your DX Design

Enjoy! Comments re appreciated ;)

Added May 26, 2008

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