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New Theme: IceFlowers

New Theme! Yea, I'm still in the middle of initializing it. It's been taking so long because a big storm hit recently and we're been getting our power from a generator plugged up to our house; it goes out every 2-3 hours till we put more gas in x_X.... so it's been taking me a while to get everying made

The new theme is titled IceFlowers. I got the inspiration for it from a song by York, which I will upload for you guys to listen to later; it is a truly inspirational song.. for me anyways.

I made the flowers in the banner myself in Illustator :) However, I couldn't have done it without the help of the tutorial provided by ndesign-studio. Their "Vector Flower In Illustrator" tutorial is the tutorial I followed to make the flowers.

It will be a few days before everything is 100% initialized, but I hope you guys like the new theme ;)

Posted By Cloud9247 on June 1, 2008

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