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DX Design. CimplX Design.

This, like the past two updates, is fairly small. Added one new DX-Design, as well as one new CimplX Design; you may notice they are similar. The Cimplx Design is based off the DX-Design.

The new DX-Design is meant to be a bit "professional". So sorry if you're disappointed there isn't your favorite anime character in it. I wanted to add some content that can be used for websites more interested in looking all business-like and such.

Although I added two designs this week, which is usually 2x more than I usually add in one week, this update seems small... It's probably because I haven't added a gallery series in almost two weeks, but there will be more gallery entries added soon, so no worries!

I've been very busy this weekend with my portfolio site, ethelex. Feel free to check it out. The new design is 100% flash, and is oober neato.... but man, flashing like that is a total pain! no worries though.

I hope you enjoy the new updates! Have a great day!

Posted By Cloud9247 on June 9, 2008

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