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DX-Design. Just Playing It By Ear...

Alright, so not too much going on this month as far as site-side updates and news goes. Despite that fact, I do have a new DX-Design for you guys this month!

Okay, so if you got the special edition of FF XIV, you were able to start playing on September 22. If you bought the regular version, you got to start playing on September 30. Since I am a HUGE Final Fantasy fan, I thought I would dedicate this month's DX-Design to the newly released MMORPG!

Although, I will admit that even though I have made this design in commemoration of the famous series' 14th game release, I have to admit that I am a MMORPG-addict, so I will not be partaking in the festivities of FF XIV. (sadly... *sad face*)... I just know my limits, and I won't follow them with a PlayOnline account, but I commend those of you that are able to limit yourselves. lol.

Anyways, I hope the new DX-Design proves itself useful to any of you wanting to make a FF XIV fansite, or for whatever reason!

Not much else to say. Just tune in next month for November's update! I promise a new DX-Design, and hopefully might make a little more if I've got the time.

Till next update, enjoy yourselves and have a great month! :)

Posted By Cloud9247 on October 14, 2010

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