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Some Progress Delay... New Affy. Errors Fixed.

Hey guys! How's your November? I hope it's going well! I have some not so good news, as well as some great news. I'll start off with the bad, then move on to the good.

Due to a staffing complication at work, I will be averaging a 60-hour work week until the end of December, on top of my full-time school schedule. This does not eliminate the possibility of updates for the next two months at all, but just makes them a little more unlikely. I am going to do my best to finish at least one DX-Design within this 2 month period. Just keep your heads up, sorry guys. Now onto the good news!

I've fixed many of the aesthetic issues with the coding on the site. So the avatars section look better, as do the tutorials section. I know it probably doesn't matter much to you guys, but it excites me, lol. And saving the best for last!

We have a new affiliate! Yes! Please welcome Jayme of Captured Fragments!

That's it for updates. Stay tuned in, and hope for the future :)

Posted By Cloud9247 on November 7, 2010

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