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New Album. Upcoming Alterations..

I don't have much of an update with this post guys, sorry, but I'll get right to it. Things have gotten a bit busier that I have expected for me, so updates are still expected to come, just slowly.

I uploaded a new album of Bleach Screen shots on AnimeShotz, which I hope you guys will enjoy. As far as future updates, the following changes are to be as follows:

First, I am going to be merging AnimeShotz into HayalKarga so it's all under HayalKarga, and one domain. This means I will be the only one able to upload screens, unless someone wants to volunteer as staff to do so and I will allow permissions.

I am also going to change the site design, one that should hopefully fit the merge appropriately. Also gotta work on the captcha for comments, the SPAM level has been UNGODLY, and in the process of filtering I accidentally deleted a few legitimate comments, I'm sorry, won't happen again. (Makes me wanna cry...)

As far as new DX-Designs and future graphics updates, I would say that expecting an update at least every 3 months would be safe, even though I really am working to improve this number, but fixing the site coding is a much needed area of improvement as well.

Anyways, so I'm gonna get some new updates soon, the site's merged, and hopefully everything a bit cleaner and more efficient. I appreciate all you guys following the site that stay in tune! Thank you! Please stay tuned for future updates! :)

Posted By Cloud9247 on March 15, 2011

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