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New Theme. DX-Design. Tutorial. Tis the Season for Affys!

Hello all! I have officially completed implementing the new theme, HK v.10 - DYNAMO! I call it Dynamo because once I get some more banners made, there will be a banner rotation. As for now though, there's just the one. Also, all the PAGES are at the bottom of the screen instead of the top.

Also, I've added a new DX-Design, featuring Saber from the new series Fate Zero. That series is absolutely awesome, so you should check it out! It is the prequel to Fate/Stay Night. I've also added a new tutorial, which was also up on DayDreamGraphics for a while, but now its just here at the home base. It's about using DIVs as iframes, but without any frames.

Tis the Season For New Affys!!

That's right! Affiliation is now closed, as I have eight affys now. We have three new comrades joining the HK team!!! And let me introduce them all:

Rain from Creative Central! Rain's site is a beautiful display of innovation and creativity. She offers brushes, layouts, textures, wallpapers, hosting, and even has a forum! Her designs are so technical and modern, I simply love them!

Miria from Otaku Junk! Miria offers icons, icon bases, designs, renders, and more! I really love Miria's icons and designs, everything she makes is simply elegant.

Thanh from The Fallen! Thanh offers primarily high quality screen caps from various series. Her screen caps are excellent! And since that's basically what's in the HK Gallery, I had to request affiliation!

I want to wish all my new affiliates a warm welcome, and I also want to wish EVERYONE happy holidays! Comments are appreciated, and I hope you enjoy the updates!

Posted By Cloud9247 on December 16, 2011

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