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Welcome to HayalKarga! Here we offer a variety of web designs and webmaster resources to maxiimize your site's potential. We have plenty to offer, so feel free to look around all you like!

CimplX Design. Avatars. Albums. Link Exchange.

Hello all! I've got quite a few updates concerning the site! First of all, there is a new CimplX Design available for your downloading pleasure! Secondly, I have added four (4) new Avatars. There are three (3) new albums added to the HayalKarga Gallery: Ao No Exorcist, Fate Stay Night, & Dragon Crisis.

I don't have a new DX-Design with this update, but next update there will hopefully be one. I've been busier with school than I initially anticipated once I began this semester, so my next update will most likely not be until mid-late March.

I have also make two (2) more banners for the rotations on the site. My favorite is the one with the demon summons in Ao No Exorcist (images available in gallery).

Also have a new link exchange! Please welcome Cyanide to the HayalKarga Family! Cyanide is run by Shini, and is filled with awesome webmaster resources! You must check her site out if you haven't been!

And another HK Family update (small): The Fallen has changed their location and site title to Caelum.

Alright, I hope you all enjoy the new additions! Till next update-- Take care! Happy New Year! & Comments are always appreciated ;)

Posted By Cloud9247 on January 19, 2012

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