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Long Time No Update! Albums. Link Exchanges. Future?

Hey guys! Long time no update, huh?! Well, I've added small updates since the last post (which was 10 months ago, wow!). Anyways, I will go over those updates before I go into further detail:

There have been six (6) new albums added to the gallery: 07 Ghost, Another, Brave 10, Deadman Wonderland, Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka, and No. 6. They have been in the gallery for a couple of months now, but I just haven't taken the time to update about them in a post.

There are three (3) new link exchanges added since the last update! Please welcome PokeShore, Aitsu Sweetheart, and Cursed Mortality to the HayalKarga network of friends and family! Be sure to check out their awesome sites!

So, I thought that the captcha system I put on the comment system would put an end to all the terrible bot posts going on the site, but I was mistaken-- however, the volume of bot posts has decreased. I hope to find some way to perfect the protection, because these bot posts are just ridiculous.

And on a final note, I wanted to let you guys know I am not dead, and the site is not going down or anything like that-- I've just been to preoccupied with school and work to really set a good amount of time on the side to work on the site. I've been ITCHING to make a new design SO BAD!!! I walked in Office Depot the other day and saw the box set for Photoshop CS6; just seeing the box made me want to make a design!!! I will have a month off in December from school, so there might be new additions (but no promises, lol).

To all you visiting the site, I say thank you! I hope you are enjoying the content still available, and in the near future I hope to have new updates for the world to enjoy. Until next update, take care! As always, your comments and emails are greatly appreciated! :)

EDIT: Fixed the RSS feed, woot! The RSS can be viewed HERE, or you can press the "RSS" button at the bottom of any update entry.

Posted By Cloud9247 on November 19, 2012

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